Thanks again for the excellent training course, it really helped polish my presentation skills.

Federal Government Department, Public Workshop Participant

All of the content that was provided was beyond beneficial for me. It was one of the most useful courses that I have been on to date. I could think of a million people at my department who could learn a great deal from this course.

Federal Government Department, Private Workshop Participant

The whole group really got a lot out of the Spruikit sessions - look forward to having you as a part of the program next year!

Learning and Development Manager

No changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the training, finding it to be captivating, interesting and entertaining. Fantastic.

Victorian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

There are absolutely no improvements that I could suggest. This was the best training course I have ever attended.

Australian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

The course went well above all of my expectations. The skills and knowledge that I developed in one day was valuable and relevant to my work. The practical exercises were excellent to slowly ease you into public speaking and presenting with confidence.

Australian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

The facilitators made participants feel very comfortable and confident. I really liked that they acknowledged at the start that it was a big step for some people to even attend the training. It made a very good learning environment.

Australian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

Fantastic training. David and Marianne were great in being able to build on strengths in people while identifying and encouraging them to work on their weaknesses. I learnt a lot about myself and certainly observed the changes in just the one day of training. Highly recommend it to anyone.


Great training course, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and got a lot from it. David and Marianne were fantastic facilitators. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills.


Fantastic workshop. I got so much from the session I attended, my confidence improved so much.

Private Workshop Participant

Be Empowered

Spruikit delivers online and face-to-face presentation skills training to help in the preparation and delivery of online and face-to-face presentations:

- Discussions
- Negotiations
- Board meetings
- Team presentations
- Public speaking events
- Seminars and conferences