I absolutely loved the course and would highly recommend it.

Victorian Municipal Councillor

This was a great interactive session, thanks!

APS Participant

The training was really useful and it really allowed me to assess myself and where I can improve and where my strengths are. The practical tasks were extremely useful and the feedback given after these tasks by the facilitators really helped. Thank you very much.

APS Participant

I was really impressed with the training overall, particularly with some of the improvement I saw in co-workers over the course of the day's activities.

APS Participant

I felt like the content relating to harnessing nerves for positive performance, and how to deal with follow up questions in presentations was particularly beneficial for me.

APS Participant

The training was really good. I heard good things from friends who'd done it the days prior, and it lived up to the expectations in a way few training courses do.

APS Participant

I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Thank you :)

APS Participant

The training was really fun and engaging. I really liked the way the trainers got everyone to participate - the environment was relaxed and non-judgemental. Thank you!

APS Participant

I think the most valuable thing was getting feedback from the presenters - hearing that they thought I sounded good when presenting was a real confidence boost!

APS Participant

David and Marianne were very engaging and did a great job creating an environment where I felt comfortable to contribute.

APS Participant

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