Both David and Marianne were amazing - not only were they a fantastic team but were very approachable and extremely engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed this training - I still find the word 'presenting' such a daunting thing to even think about but the skills I learnt from David and Marianne will be put to the test for many years to come - I'll get there eventually!

Public Workshop Participant

Congratulations David and Marianne a wonderful presentation and probably the most beneficial PD I have ever undertaken.

Private Workshop Participant

I really enjoyed this opportunity. Great facilitators who clearly have a different background but bring great experience to the workshop. Facilitators offered honest critical feedback which adds value and provides actual advice on what can be improved. All in all, really enjoyed the experience.

Private Workshop Participant

A really good and engaging course which approached topics from a new angle. I especially liked the focus on the presenter - rather than improving PowerPoint skills which is often the case. Loved the voice coaching - rare opportunity! Thank you.

Private Workshop Participant

A very engaging session. Presenters are very friendly, personable and create an open, relaxed and enthusiastic environment. Great individualised feedback. Good handouts and resources for participants to keep. I learned much and have already used the skills on a couple of occasions. Thanks!

Private Workshop Participant

I found the session with Jenny Kent to be really helpful and I took away a lot from that. Overall I was surprised with how much I learnt and the confidence I gained from this training course. I found the session to be fantastic!

Private Workshop Participant

Great facilitators who are experienced in presentations. Enjoyed the small group size.

Private Workshop Participant

The energy from all 3 coaches was fantastic along with their anecdotal stories which made the day move along quickly. Thank you for the opportunity.

Private Workshop Participant

The day course was interesting and informative. Having the chance to go up and discuss matters was a confidence booster and gave us a chance to improve in the way we present things. The day was a little longer than I expected. Thanks for taking the time to help us.

Private Workshop Participant

The experience with Spruikit is one of the best training I ever had. I am very glad I had the chance to attend your training. I will recommend Spruikit to any business without hesitation.

Private Workshop Participant

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